My First Virgin Voyages Cruise

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Anthony Roberts, Jr.

Louisville, KY
Solo & Budget Friendly Group Travel Specialist

I love to explore and learn about other cultures, and I find great enjoyment in being immersed in a location that’s not my own. I am always on the go and seeking out new destinations. I visit Las Vegas at least three times per year, and generally ...

My inaugural Virgin Voyages Cruise marked my first international cruise experience. Having heard rave reviews and accolades from both the industry and fellow reviewers, I was intrigued. After careful consideration, I selected the 7-day Irresistible Mediterranean itinerary departing from Barcelona in October 2023, with stops in Toulon, Marina di Carrara, Ajaccio, and Ibiza.

Spain was uncharted territory for me until this trip, and I saw it as a golden opportunity to explore the country distinctively. Accompanied by three friends, my birthday cruise became an unforgettable adventure. From the captivating in-room mood lighting to the bespoke meals, Virgin truly redefines the cruising experience. Their adult-only environment and the absence of solo supplement charges set them apart from other operators.

Overall, sailing with Virgin Voyages felt like a luxurious and elevated journey, leaving a lasting impression. I eagerly anticipate my upcoming cruise scheduled for this year and foresee booking many more in the future.

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